Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Write a post.

For your first post, you will be writing about your preferred learning style. 

Look at the resources on learning styles here, complete the quiz on the page, and then write your post. 

Your blog post should explain what your preferred learning style means.  Which learning methods work best for you?   Which learning methods do you not like? State the kinds of strategies you could use to help you learn.   Have a look at the apps listed on the sidebar of this blog. Which one (or more) interests you? If you find an app you like which doesn't seem to be your preferred learning style, that's fine - we are all a little bit of a mixture. 
  • Include at least one image in your blog post
  • Make sure you as many as the criteria that you can.
  • Remember to tag your post!
  • If you have done this in super quick time, why not try out one of the apps on the right hand side of the class blog.  Just for fun!

    Learning Outcomes

    By completing this activity you..
  • used independent learning skills to reflect on your own learning style and identify strategies that you can use to help you learn
  • used literacy skills to produce a professional piece of writing
  • used digital skills to insert an image into your post
          To get this far, you probably had to do quite a bit of problem solving as well.  Well done!


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