Note making techniques

The purpose of class sessions is to introduce you to new concepts. What matters most is what you do BEFORE and AFTER tutor led sessions. Here are some note-making ideas.
Create a study plan

Watch this webinar to help you...

Plan, Prepare, and Pass!


Index cards

These are sometimes referred to as summary cards or concept cards as they are often used to summarise the information you have collected on a certain topic.
You can also use them to note relevant keywords with brief explanations.
Ask someone to ask you questions about the notes you have taken, but make sure to ask them to question any terms they don't understand.
If you can explain it to someone with no knowledge of accounting, you will be able to explain it to the examiner!

Create your own whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how.
The process of creating them will help you learn, and you can enjoy watching them back!
Videoscribes are deceptively easy to make. Or, you could try hand drawing a mind map of your notes.
Use colour
Try using different colours for different categories of notes.
Study tip: when key coding your highlighters, label them so you wont forget what each colour represents while note taking.


This is like a souped up Powerpoint. It can be used to help you construct your ideas and present knowledge.
Can take quite a long time to prepare (and dizzy to watch) but remember the more effort you put into making your notes, the more you will get out of them.


Another mind-mappy tool. Definitely worth getting to grips with, even if the end result means nothing to anybody else but yourself!

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