Saturday, 27 June 2015

The purpose of this blog

In the academic year 2015/2016 I will be teaching the 'Developing Study Skills' unit of the Level 2 AAT Diploma in Accounting and Business
"The assessment of the unit concentrates on the processes followed to complete a piece of work rather than the work itself. It includes the development and completion of a learning journal/diary and action plan over a period of time" (AAT, 2014)

The learning outcomes of the unit are:

1 Understand how to develop personal learning skills:
1.1 Describe personal learning styles and preferences and how to meet own 
learning needs.
1.2 Define benefits of:
  • active engagement in learning
  • working with others.
2 Understand and use information:
2.1 Describe how to locate, retrieve and store information.
2.2 Identify and use valid sources of information.
2.3 Select key points of information and reference the sources.
2.4 Use appropriate note making techniques.
3 Be able to plan, manage and produce work:
3.1 Create and monitor own action plan to complete set work on time.
3.2 Plan and structure the content of a piece of work.
3.3 Describe ways to resolve a problem.
3.4 Choose a suitable method and use it to present content of work.
3.5 Improve work using feedback

Creating and using  blogs will enable students to achieve these outcomes, and much, much more

So, the purpose of this blog is: 
a) To set up session plans and resources. Whilst this will always be a work in progress, I would like to get a fully formed version in place by September as I want to be able to use it both to deliver the sessions and for it to be an example of the various features students can use in their own blogs.
b) To learn how to use Blogger.  I have used Wordpress before but I think Blogger might be a better platform for students. Time will tell!
c) During this process, I will be creating 'how to' posts for anybody who is creating their first blog.

I will be making use of Sue Waters' excellent blogging resources below.  I first came across Sue when I took part in Etmooc.  I went through a series of steep learning curves during that MOOC, not the least of which was learning how to create an animated gif.  I hope I will be able to make use of some of that learning here. 

Getting more out of student blogging
Edublogs Teacher Challenge

AAT (2014),  Developing Study Skills, Study and Assessment Guidance, London, AAT


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